Fire Alarm Monitoring

Lexicon Security provides ULC fire alarm monitoring for fire alarm systems to our customers throughout Canada. What is fire alarm monitoring? Simply put, it connects your building with the local fire department, alerting them if there’s a fire in your building. You may have thought that the fire department was already connected to your building, but they’re not. Fire Codes and Building Codes require that certain classes of buildings have and maintain monitoring with a 3rd party which complies with ULC standard ULC-S561.

Fire alarms in buildings SAVE LIVES. They are the single most important and effective way for you to keep your building and its occupants safe from fires. But fires can overtake your building in seconds – by the time you are safely out of the building, it may be too late to call the fire department! Fortunately, this problem can be solved by installing a fire alarm monitoring system.

Fire alarm monitoring is basically a way to take your building’s fire protection to a whole new level. A fire alarm monitoring system consists of an annunciator panel that syncs with your fire alarm and wirelessly connects your building to a central monitoring station. Every time the alarms in your building go off, the annunciator panel sends a signal to the monitoring station, which immediately notifies the authorities of an emergency in your building at any time, day or night – even when the building is unoccupied.


24 / 7 Exceptional Monitoring Service

Lexicon Security has partnered with Armstrong Communications to provide world class fire alarm monitoring services. Together we are able to provide the very best in customer service and emergency responsiveness. Protect your building with services you can trust.
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ULC Certified

Lexicon Security and Armstrong’s Communications work together to maintain their ULC accredited status as a fire alarm monitoring company. The ULC (or Underwriters Laboratory of Canada) develops standards for products and services that affect the life safety of Canadian citizens. These standards are accepted by the Canadian government. In order to be in compliance with local and national fire code regulation, your fire safety products and services are expected to meet these guidelines.Lexicon Security and Armstrong’s Communications work tirelessly to maintain their ULC certification which is reviewed annually. It is required that your fire alarm monitoring company be ULC certified in order to provide monitoring services in Alberta.


  • A monitored fire panel / sprinkler system ensures immediate action is taken on any alarm signal, helping to minimize property damage
  • Lexicon also monitors 24/7 for fire trouble, as well as mechanical issues, ensuring your system is always operating at optimum
  • A basic fire escape plan must be designed and formally presented to all employees/residents to show them what to do and where to meet in the event of an alarm. This can make the difference between life and death!





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