Intercom Systems

Security intercom systems are used to provide voice communications between two or more locations for security purposes. Security intercom systems are frequently used between a locked building entrance door and a constantly attended location in the building, such as a manned security control room. In this application, the security intercom system gives visitors a means to contact someone in the building when they arrive at the entrance door. Other common locations where security intercom systems are used in commercial buildings includes loading dock doors and at vehicle gates that provide entrance to the property. In residential applications, security intercom systems are commonly used between the main entrance door and a location within the interior of the home or condominium.

Telephone Entry Systems Keep Unwanted Visitors Out

Telephone Entry and Intercom Systems are some of the most economical methods of limiting access to your building. By preventing unwelcome visitors from entering your building you can minimize your susceptibility to theft and vandalism.
Today newer intercom systems can be programmed to call any phone number, including cell phones. For increased security your telephone entry can even be connected to your elevator ensuring that visitors are only able to access the floor they’re visiting. Other options also include installing a camera at the intercom or telephone entry panel so tenants can see who is at the door before letting them in.


Traditional Mircom Telephone Entry Systems


Lexicon Security is an authorized provider of Mircom Intercom Systems, the industry leader in Telephone Entry Systems. Our technicians are trained in troubleshooting, repairing, and installing these systems. We are also the leading experts on a wide variety of intercom systems regardless of manufacturer or model.



Integrated Kantech KTES Telephone Entry Panel


With the new Kantech KTES Telephone Entry Panel, we now offer a telephone entry system that fully integrates in to a building’s card access system. Programming can easily be done through the same software used for card-access programming. These systems can be set up so that you can program them from the comfort of your desk or you may prefer Lexicon Security to manage your system for you.


Commercial Aiphone System


For commercial and office applications, the Aiphone line of intercom systems makes for a robust and affordable solution. With integrated video and up to 128 substations, the Aiphone system can be designed fro a small business up to a large corporate office building.



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