Defend your building from crime with a video surveillance system

Video surveillance systems let you keep a close eye on activities around, or inside, your premises. Today’s highly advanced cameras can perform a multitude of functions, from live and recorded high-resolution viewing, to IP solutions that allow you to remotely view live images on your PC or wireless device, and video analytics that do everything from licence plate recognition to people counting and facial recognition.

The options are infinite, and we can help you determine the right solution, and the right product, for your business.

When you are looking to protect your building from the dangers of theft and vandalism there are few things more effective than a video surveillance system.  We tailor our vast product offering to the specific parameters of your building ensuring the highest level of security for your occupants.

At Lexicon Security, we are industry experts in the installation and repair of Video Surveillance Systems.  Our technicians have decades of experience and are also active in ongoing training for new and emerging products.



Mobility Video

Lexicon Security can provide mobile IP video services. Mobility Video ranges from very high-end IP video solutions to a low cost solution to safely monitor your small business. Your video surveillance data is no longer bound by the location of your recording equipment.

Mobility Video gives you access to your video footage from almost any device connected to the internet. Whether you are on the go with your mobile phone or sitting in front of your computer, you can instantly watch streaming video of your building. You can search past recorded video and re-watch any events within recent history.

Video surveillance from your web browser

Mobility Video allows you to view your camera footage from any computer through your Internet browser. Using your secure log-in details you can view live video footage and search recorded video of past events.

Video surveillance from your mobile phone

On your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone you can download a free app to access your Mobility Video system. This app will allow you to view your cameras securely and in a timely fashion. The website will also works on most modern smart phones.



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